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Programmable logic Controller (PLC)

Kinco PLC comprises K5 series, K3 series and F1 series,is one of the pioneers adopting IEC61131-3 standard in China.The standardized software and architecture laid the foundation for open programming software. Kinco PLC software features friendly user interface and strong functionality, which help our customers create versatile automation projects in an easy and fast way, saving time and efforts.

Kinco K5 series PLC

Comparing with the current K3 series, K5 is equipped with more powerful processor, pulse output channel with higher frequency, more choices of communication ports and other improvements. Those improvements make K5 a better compact PLC product for the OEMs 


Kinco K3 series PLC (To be halted at the end of August of 2014)

Kinco K3 series PLC are widely used in many industries. Kinco PLC was selected in the National Swimming Pool (the Water Cube) and the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway.

CPU Module
Expansion I/O Module
Expansion Power Module   
Kinco F1 series PLC

Kinco F1 series PLC is a kind Kinco lunched PLC product that is for bus control, it integrate a 3S company’s software called Codesys which has a strong function and steady performance, it has the strong high speed logic control ability and can connect with the external devices via CAN field bus, like remote I/O module, servo controller, and inverter and so on.