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Kinco HMI is the leader in HMI field, we have the leading market position in domestic, it is highly praised in the industry because of its complete product ranges,stable and reliable hardware,user-friendly configuration software and high cost performance.

In order to achieve the goal of company global brand strategy unified, the band “eView” of HMI owned by KINCO will switch to the brand “KINCO”. It is just change the brand logo, the products are the same, the service is not changed .This brand switching will gradually implement since November 1, 2010 in China market.
The Kinco HMI products series include::   
MT4000 : Middle-End HMIs Apply to Mainstream Applications 
Kinco HMI
● TFT display, 65K colors     
● ARM-based CPU
● A USB slave integrated to speed up HMI program downloading
● Three COM ports Integrated, communicating with 3 different protocols of controller at the same time
MT5000 : Fieldbus-Capable HMIs for High-End Applications
● TFT display, 65K colors 
● USB host and SD card, audio out and video Input
 Profibus-DP, CANopen and MPI extend card are optional, high-speed bus communication 
MD200 and MD300 : Low-End Economy HMIs
  4.3 inch, monochrome
  User-friendly, economical and practical
  Support multiple communication protocols
Awards of KINCO HMIs:
2004   “The No.1 of the most influence HMI” of TOP10;
2005   “The best HMI product of 2005 ” chosen by control Engineering magazine of America;
2007   “The award of local innovation of 2007” chosen by Engineering magazine of America;
2008   “The award of local innovation of 2008” chosen by Engineering magazine of America;
2009   “The award of local innovation” chosen by